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Locked-Up Time

Sibylle Schönemann, Germany 1990, 94 Min. Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Hannes Schönemann

Filmmaker Sibylle Schönemann was arrested by the Stasi in the DDR in 1984 and released by the BRD a year later. She was denied both a farewell and an explanation for her imprisonment. After the opening of the border, Schönemann set out for the former East to find and question those who had imprisoned and guarded her at the time. Yet individual perpetrators are nowhere to be found. With honesty and vehemence, the film illuminates the mechanisms of collective irresponsibility.

Hannes Schönemann has been making documentaries and feature films for 50 years. His early films often show everyday life in the GDR without considering the ideological guidelines, which exposed him to the restrictive film policy. In Sibylle Schönemann’s  Locked-up Time, which deals with the couple's imprisonment in 1985, he was involved as an advisor.