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OV with voiceover

Workshop: 24.112017, 3pm-6pm
Opening with discussion: 24.11.2017, 8pm
Exhibition: 24.11.2017 from 8pm, 25.11.2017 2pm-6pm

Whenever migration and tourism take place, it is not only the people who are travelling, but also things and objects, which sometimes tell their very own stories.

Objects can represent migration history and contain detailed memories for those who had to leave all of their belongings. As souvenirs, they can act as a reminder of a holiday and while also revealing the  tourists’ relation to the visited countries and their imagination of authenticity. Other objects, which are part of our daily lifes in Germany, originally “migrated” from other regions of the world.

We will talk about the mobility of objects in contexts of migration and tourism with invited experts on the topic.

In a workshop we will search for things and objects in the neighborhood, which migrated or travelled temporarily to Berlin. Later we will try to define the finds and learn about their stories through written descriptions. Several methods of creative writing will help approaching the objects and present them in an exhibition in bi’bak.

On Friday the exhibition will be opened with a discussion on the topic of travelling objects. Our guests are Dr. Claudia Tittel from the Bauhaus University Weimar who organized an exhibition with her students on the migration of things this summer and the photographer Sima Dehgani, who will present her work Ein Stück Erinnerung (A piece of memory).

Workshop leader: Maike Suhr

Funded by Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken through BMZ.

Claudia Tittel is a research assistant (Post-doc) at the Chair of History and Theory of Cultural Techniques at the Bauhaus University Weimar. She studied Art History and Cultural Studies at the Humboldt University Berlin and Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne as well as Architecture and Urban Planning at the Ecole d 'Architecture de Belleville Paris and her PhD at the Humboldt University Berlin.