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Tongo Saa

Rising Up at Night
Nelson Makengo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Belgium, Germany, Burkina Faso, Qatar 2024, 96 Min., OV with English subs

Darkness falls over Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and its 17 million inhabitants. It is just before Christmas and people are struggling to gain access to electric light. Kudi is mobilizing the residents of his Kisenso neighborhood to collect money for a new power cable. On Mount Mangengenge, a holy place overlooking the city, Pastor Gédéon delivers a sermon about the light of Christ as the path to life and truth. Davido is searching for a place to stay after his house was flooded by the Congo River. Together with other young men, he kills time by working out and dreams of a better future.

Tongo Saa is a sensitive portrait of the residents of Kinshasa as they face the challenges of life in an environment plagued by violence and coloured by the uncertainty of tomorrow. (Berlinale Panorama)


TONGO SAA, Nelson Makengo