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  7. كذب أبيض

كذب أبيض

The Mother of All Lies
Asmae El Moudir, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar 2023, 97 Min., OV with English subs

In 1981, before director Asmae El Moudir was born, a massacre occurred in the Casablanca neighbourhood where she later grew up. Police and the military shot hundreds of people who were protesting against rising food prices. Through the narrative device of a handmade diorama – a miniature replica of the people and places involved – El Moudir ingeniously reconstructs these events. By doing so, she gives an image – a tangibility – to a contested and largely unarchived historical moment. The resulting film is not a claim to collective truth but, by tracing a line between reality and fiction, a unique excavation of memory and inherited trauma.