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Ginanti Rona, Indonesia 2022, 109 Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Ginanti Rona, Lele Laila, Lisabona Rahman, Shasti . and Susanti Dewi

Curated by Lisabona Rahman

Selected by Lisabona Rahman, a member of Wandering Salon 2023 curatorial team, this incredibly well-crafted horror film brings female voices that exist within a hyperdynamic Indonesian filmmaking scene. Qorin is set in a Muslim female boarding school where best-in-class student Zahra is assigned to guide rebellious new student Yolanda. The school’s patriarch is involving students in a dangerous experiment summoning Qorin, human's evil doppelgänger. Zahra, Yolanda and their teachers start to unlearn their deeply rooted obedience. The film encapsulates the struggle against a sexist hierarchy and is an engaging coming-of-age tale in which girls learn about oppression against their bodies and use friendship as a source of transformative power. (LR)


Ginanti Rona (*1987) started her career in Indonesia’s film industry as assistant director in well acclaimed genre films such as Macabre (2009) and The Raid (2011). Qorin is her eighth feature-length directorial work.

Lele Laila (*1991) is an Indonesian screenwriter who started her career in a highschool film club. She has written 15 film scripts since 2012.

Susanti Dewi (*1981) co-founded Demi Istri Production film company which is now acquired by IDN Pictures. She has produced more than 20 films since 2012 in Indonesia.

Lisabona Rahman is a film archivist and programmer based in Berlin.

Shasti is a shaman-aspiring demonologist and artist based in Kassel.

QORIN, Ginanti Rona ©Pio Kharisma / IDN Pictures