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It's a date
Nadia Parfan, Ukraine 2023, 6 min. Without dialog, DCP

Rang-e-zard (Yellow)
Elham Ehsas, Afghanistan, United Kingdom 2023, 13 min. Dari with English subtitles, DCP

El Secuestro de la novia (The Kidnapping of the Bride)
Sophia Mocorrea, Germany 2022, 30 min. German, Spanish, English with English subtitles, DCP

For Love
Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor, United Kingdom 2022, 13 min. English, DCP

Split Ends
Alireza Kazemipour, Iran 2022, 14 min. Farsi with English subtitles, DCP

As Berlinale descends on the city once more, INTERFILM - Berlin International Short Film Festival returns to SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA to offer audiences another chance to view some of the most outstanding international short films from the past year. RE/VISIONS brings together impressive offerings from the Sundance Festival, Berlinale Shorts, South by Southwest Festival, Oscar candidates and the Berlinale Perspektive Deutsches Kino. Created by filmmakers from Afghanistan, Germany/Argentina, Iran, Nigeria and Ukraine, expect a series of brief yet rich insights into how different communities navigate the realities of migration, conflict, love and life.

Sarah Dombrink is programmer at INTERFILM where she is also in charge of acquisitions and distribution.

El Secuestro de la novia, Sophia Mocorrea ©JacobSauermilch
It's a date, Nadia Parfan
YELLOW, Elham Ehsas