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  7. حمّى البحر المتوسط

حمّى البحر المتوسط

Mediterranean Fever
Maha Haj, Palestine, Germany, France, Cyprus, Qatar 2022, 108 Min., OV with English subs

Curated by ALFILM

The screening is introduced by Pascale Fakhry.

Waleed (Amer Hlehel) is depressed. He lives with his family in Haifa and dreams of a career as a writer, but has made little progress with his first novel. He instead spends most of his days doing housework and looking after his children. Regularly, but increasingly reluctantly, he goes to therapy. When the petty criminal Jalal (Ashraf Farah) moves with his family into the apartment next door, Waleed is one thing above all: annoyed. Despite the odds, and armed with an ulterior motive, Waleed starts seeking the company of Jalal and an improbable friendship develops between the two men. In Mediterranean Fever, Maha Haj skilfully combines comedic and dramatic elements as well as ​​themes such as masculinity, mental health and the pervasive political situation of Haifa's Palestinian population. (ALFILM)