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Dhundhigiri Ke Phool

A Flower In A Foglight
Gaurav Puri, India 2023, 51 Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Gaurav Puri

German premiere

Curated by Tibet Film Festival

Selected by the Tibet Film Festival in Berlin, the two films in this programme offer audiences trans-Himalayan perspectives, exploring human connections, interwoven histories and shared narratives of the Himalayan region.

As the construction of a new, hypermodern airport begins in its vicinity, an ancient village is faced with imminent displacement. Tracing this erasure, over the series of five chapters A Flower In A Foglight constructs a mythology of this historical village which once was. The film is built upon the fragmented folk-narrative that emerges from the trauma of exodus – of losing home, identity, everything. A place that once functioned on local rhythms is militarized by an internationally tuned clock working day in, day out and the mass exodus caused by the development leaves a trail of debris in its wake. Yet, the people continue to reminisce – telling their stories, their relation to their village, their past. This is the story of Soni – of its remains, of its ruins.

Gaurav Puriis an independent filmmaker who studied at Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, India. His interests lie in audio-visual forms that intersect various folk-indigenous and modern-technological rationalities of storytelling.