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The Dam
Ali Cherri, Sudan, France, Serbia, Germany 2022, 84 Min., OV with English subs

Curated by ALFILM

Maher (Maher El Khair) works in a brickyard in northern Sudan near the Merowe Dam. In the evenings, he sets out into the desert to build a mysterious structure out of mud, while further south in the country, the Sudanese people are revolting against Al-Bashir’s dictatorship. Far from this turmoil, surrounded by a high-tech dam and the banks of the Nile, Maher re-establishes a spiritual connection with his environment. Gradually, his work begins to take on a life of its own. The Dam poetically interweaves a portrayal of the brickmakers’ lives with stunning shots of the Sudanese desert and accents of magical realism. Lebanese director Ali Cherri’s feature debut and the third part of a trilogy dealing with “geographies of violence”. (AL)

THE DAM, Ali Cherri © ALFILM