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Curated by Marta Popivoda

illegal_cinema was conceived in Belgrade in 2007 by filmmaker and artist Marta Popivoda as part of the TkH (Walking Theory) collective. Having had iterations in Zagreb, Istanbul, Paris, and Bilbao, the project always takes a contextual approach, analyzing what is 'illegal' in a specific moment concerning cultural production, dissemination, and public debate. illegal_cinema Berlin is about opening up a public sphere for diverse forms of dissent, contradiction, and commemoration through screenings and discussions. It is an attempt to make the boundaries between "programmer" and "public" porous and to generate an ongoing, long-term practice of knowledge production. illegal_cinema Berlin was initiated by Marta Popivoda in the context of her fellowship at the Berlin Artistic Research Programme. It is organized in close conversation with the programme’s team members Rike Frank and Johanna Ekenhorst.

The Berlin Artistic Research Programme is a grant programme that supports and encourages artistic research across disciplines and fosters the exchange among the fellows’ research community in Berlin.

Marta Popivoda is a filmmaker, artist, and researcher. The main concerns in her work are the tensions between memory, history, and ideology, as well as the relations between collective and individual bodies –– approached from a feminist and queer perspective.