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Nachrede auf Klara Heydebreck

Eberhard Fechner, BRD 1969, 62 Min., 16mm Min., OV
Followed by a talk with

Grüntaler Straße 59a, small staircase: Klara Heydebreck lived here for 59 years until she committed suicide in March 1969. Starting from the police report, a search for a life that remains fragmentary begins. Documents from the estate and conversations with relatives and neighbours are used to reconstruct the historical, economic and social conditions of a woman who did not want to live up to conventional expectations, who never married and was therefore ridiculed as a “damsel-in-waiting”. When, at the end, a letter that has never been sent is read, the main thing that remains is sadness: “Loneliness can be very beautiful when you have had enough of your dear fellow world once again. But a lack of essential necessities is the devil's chicanery”.