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The Girl with the Red Scarf
Atıf Yılmaz, Turkey 1978, 95 Min., OV with English subs

The truck driver İlyas (Kadir İnanır), also known by everyone as İstanbullu (“the one from Istanbul”), comes across a young girl from the local village, Asya (Türkan Şoray). The couple fall madly in love with one another and start a life together. Their romance and happy home is disrupted when İlyas’ job as a truck driver is at risk. His desperation results in negligence, unfaithfulness and violence. Asya and their son Samet find shelter at the house of Cemşit (Ahmet Mekin), who cares, provides and endures. Thus, Asya is met with a dilemma: is love simply passion or is it also labour? 

Yılmaz tells a beautiful story of love whilst reflecting on the impact of socio-economic shifts both in the country and on personal relationships.

Feast and Festivity 

starting at 15:00

Before the film screening, there will be a neighbourhood gathering in our courtyard, where food stands will serve various dishes, prepared by people from our neighbourhood. We invite everyone to join us to enjoy food accompanied with fresh çay in the sun and get to know each other! 

This event, including the film screening, will be free of admission. However, we are kindly asking everyone to recognise the work and effort of the cooks with a donation.