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Lesbian History Double Bill:

《我们在这里》(We Are Here) + Home Ground

《我们在这里》(We Are Here)
Zhao Jing, Shi Tou, China, 2015, 59 min. Chinese with English subtitles, DCP

Home Ground
Aram Kwon, South Korea, 2022, 78 min, Korean with English subtitles, DCP

Curated in partnership with Queer East

In this special double-bill screening, two documentaries about lesbian communities are brought together. We Are Here, a film made by Chinese lesbian activists, interviews the attendees of the United Nations’ “Fourth World Conference on Women” in 1995 in Beijing. Via their candid and often hilarious narration, we witness a brief history of the Chinese lesbian movement that begins with this conference attended by three hundred lesbians. In Home Ground, the owner of the first Lesbian bar in Korea, Myong-woo, reflects on the lesbian scene in Seoul and the changes of the city’s queer spaces. (YCH)


WE ARE HERE, Zhao Jing, Shi Tou