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Blood and Bounds

OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Ahmad Awadalla

Followed by a talk with Sarnt Utamachote, Popo Fan, Ragil Huda, and Ahmed Awadalla and a closing party.

Slow-motion shots that reveal parts of bodies and fragmented films ask the audience to re-construct these slices as fully embodied human beings. Taking a US-American Black-queer perspective in Non, je ne regrette rien (No Regret) and a Canadian-Caribbean Asian-queer viewpoint in Sea in the Blood, both films interweave a centuries-old shared sense of sociality and bodily memories with the poetics of kinship – notions which have long inspired queer BIPOC social movements.

Non, je ne regrette rien (No Regret)
Marlon T. Riggs, USA 1992, 38 min.

Sea in the Blood
Richard Fung, Canada 2000, 26 min.

Ahmad Awadalla is a writer, psychosocial worker, and sex educator based in Berlin.