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Henrik Malyan, Armenian SSR 1977, 92 Min., OV with English subs, digital
Followed by a talk with Ararat Kollektiv

With a preceding short film

A few years after We Are Our Mountains, filmmaker Henrik Malyan, considered the lyricist of Armenian cinema, directed one of the lasting depictions of the trauma of genocide. Malyan’s filmic language succeeds in making the film a universal metaphor and reflection for the violence which humans can inflict on their fellow humans on a massive scale. Nahapet (meaning “forefather of a nation”) is a man who has witnessed the extinction of his family and his hometown in the Ottoman Empire; he now walks in silence, broken, through a devastated landscape, in an attempt to find a place of respite.

The screening will be preceded by the premiere of an unreleased short film shot by students of the Berliner Hochschule für Technik. Conceived by Armenian and non-Armenian students, it relates the life and loves of young women.

Ararat Kollektiv is an Armenian anti-fascist collective based in Berlin. It considers itself as a young, politically active gathering engaged in anti-colonial, queer and feminist work through the unification of Armenian identity. In recent years, it has organized information days, donation kitchens, pride blocks and demonstrations.