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Lustmurder - Open Air Double Bill

Chosen by Chima Okerenkwo

The screening will be introduced by Chima Okerenkwo

Les Îles

Yann Gonzalez, France 2017, 23 min. French with English subtitles, ProRes File

草迷宮 Grass Labyrinth
Shūji Terayama, Japan 1979, 40 min. Japanese with English subtitles, ProRes File

Sensual monsters, psychosexual fever dreams, and characters consumed by ecstatic longing—all captured in beautiful, neon-hued shots. Step into the worlds of Japanese grandmaster Shūji Terayama and French auteur Yann Gonzalez in Lustmurder, a duo of short films selected by Chima Okerenkwo.

Les Îles by Yann Gonzalez portrays the endless cycle of lust and longing through a collage of interconnected queer stories, seamlessly drifting from one opaque, dreamlike scene to the next. Grass Labyrinth by Shūji Terayama delves into the Oedipal and sexual awakening of Akira, who reminisces about his youth and searches for the forgotten Lullaby his mother once sang to him. These two films showcase their creators' devotion to the visual pleasures of cinema by diving into the labyrinthine subconscious of the human mind, exploring its darkest and most tantalizing desires. (CO)

Chima Okerenkwo is a filmmaker, film curator and works as project coordinator at SINEMA TRANSTOPIA. He founded the performative film screening series Synergie and created film and video art programs forrenowned venues like Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Julia Stoschek Foundation, Fotografiska and many more. Currently, he is co-directing an experimental documentary scheduled to premiere at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden in 2025.

In bad weather the screening takes place indoors

LES ÎLES, Yann Gonzalez