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Tolga Karaçelik, Turkey 2015, 104 Min. Min., OV with English subs
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A cargo ship is suddenly forced to stop its journey as a result of the bankruptcy of its owner. The ship’s crew, consisting of five sailors and a captain, is suddenly stranded in the middle of the sea. During this uneasy wait, power relations on the ship begin to emerge between the characters. Turkish cinema, whether through ghosts or real representatives of Kurds, cannot present an allegory of Turkey without the Turkish-Kurdish issue. The question is: how are the Kurds included in this allegory, and more importantly, how do they structure the allegory itself? Conceived as a political allegory, on the one hand Ivy makes modern bureaucratic power visible whilst on the other, it associates this power with the effects of the Turkish-Kurdish issue on political, social and personal extensions of Turkishness. In other words, it shows that the Turkish-Kurdish issue, one in which death and violence lie at the center, also has constructive effects on the ethos of Turkishness as a colonial issue.