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Moolaadé - Bann der Hoffnung

Ousmane Sèmbene, Senegal/Tunisia/Morocco 2004, 117 Min., OV with German subs, Blu-ray

FSK 12

In a Senegalese village, four girls want to escape ritual circumcision by seeking protection from a woman who has already saved her own daughter from genital mutilation. The renewed affront to initiation into adulthood alarms men who see their supremacy threatened. A powerful drama with educational intentions, this film tells of the state of emancipation south of the Sahara as a colorful homage to the courage and energy of African women. Through theatrical elements of the production, Ousmane Sembène, hailed the father of African cinema, creates a lush (village) universe in which the influence of modernity seems to promise a more humane future.

Eligible for reduced entrance (4€) are: Children of a max. age of 12