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Mane + Freestyle

FSK 14

Sandra Krampelhuber, Senegal/Austria 2020, 55 min. Wolof, Diola, French with German subtitles, DVD

Jacquie Jones, USA, 1995, 21 min. English, digitally remastered VHS tape

Two young women - two stories. A rapper in Dakar and a wrestler in southern Senegal: Toussa and Emodj. They both strive for victory and recognition in male-dominated spheres and a patriarchal society. A battle with words and visionary lyrics for a better society, and a fight with hard physical training for victory in the arena. Mane - "Me“ in the Wolof language - tells a modern, positive and trend-setting story of two young women and their universal truth: only we ourselves can bring about change, out of our own ambition and will. Freestyle is a documentary short by Jacquie Jones (1965-2018) which showcases another side of the black cultural movement in New York City. Focused on female rappers in 1995 - the heyday of the male-dominated rap genre - Freestyle presents how they confronted various issues in the genre and industry such as the lyrics.

Eligible for reduced entrance are: Children of a max. age of 12