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Le dernier refuge

The Last Shelter
Ousmane Zoromé Samassekou, Mali/South Africa/France 2021, 85 Min., OV with German subs, DCP

The House of Migrants in Gao, Mali, is a refuge at the Sahara desert’s southern edge. It welcomes those going to Algeria, and those returning after failing to make it to Europe. When Esther and Kady, two teenage girls from Burkina Faso, arrive on their way, they befriend Natacha, a migrant woman in her forties whose memory and hope of returning home have faded over the years. The trio finds a semblance of family, sharing moments of joy, hope and tenderness. The girl's dream of going abroad lives on, despite encountering the failure and trauma of those who have returned.

Eligible for reduced entrance (4€) are: Children of a max. age of 12