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OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Aileen Ye and Viv Li

A Real Girl 
Praewa Bulthaweenan, UK 2019, 8 min.

I Didn’t Dare to Speak 
Aileen Ye, Netherlands 2021, 7 min.

That Day of the Month 
Jirassaya Wongsutin, Thailand 2014, 28 min.

Ahn Lee, USA  2017, 5 min.

She Dyes Her Hair Pink 
Viv Li, Portugal/China 2020, 8 min.

The Way We Are 
Amanda Ann-Min Wong, Canada 2020, 15 min.

Thunder Treasures  
Praewa Bulthaweenan, UK 2020, 7 min.

There is a common desire for many queer people to re-live an alternate adolescence – that formative period that shapes who we become – without the fear and trauma which our realities often bring. This programme offers a vision of growth and transformation, as well as bringing to light the personal conflicts and vulnerability of queer youth by piecing together fragments of realities, fantasies, and reflections.

Aileen Ye is an Irish-Chinese filmmaker and activist. In 2020, after graduating with an MSc in Sociology with a critical focus on decolonising the aesthetics of moving-images, she began her self-taught filmmaking practice. Her style incorporates experimental and cinéma vérité techniques to develop a critical gaze on the social and political environments which shape the human condition.

Viv Li is a Chinese filmmaker, writer and comedian. She is a previous fellow of Berlinale Talents and the Nipkow Program, an IDFAcademy Alumna and the recipient of an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. Viv holds a masters in Documentary Directing from DocNomads and a bachelors in Drama and Films from the University of Manchester.