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Сэр сэр салхи

City of Wind
Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir, France, Mongolia, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Qatar 2023

Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir's sensitively composed debut follows a teenage shaman, 17-year-old student Ze, whose ability to help others is thrown off balance by the turbulence of adolescence. When Ze meets Maralaa new feelings are awakened and an alternative reality enters into his world. This is a coming-of-age story set in the context of a society that is now predominantly urban, but still has strong ties to the traditions that have emerged from a nomadic way of life. The shots of Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding neighborhoods are wintry, raw and unembellished, firmly anchoring the spiritual level of the film in everyday life.

Сэр сэр салхи (City of Wind), Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir