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(OPEN AIR) Penzi la Misukosuko + DJ Black Performative Translation

Restless Love

Presented by Ajabu Ajabu
Performed by DJ Black

Apostles of Cinema
Gertrude Malizana, Jesse Gerard Mpango, Darragh Amelia, Cece Mlay, Tanzania 2023, 16 min

Penzi la Misukosuko (Restless Love)
Neto Joseph, Tanzania 2006, 45 min

Penzi la Misukosuko (Restless Love) is a story of resilience, and the triumph of the human spirit against all odds. It explores themes of loyalty, justice, the power of love and redemption. There's also a rocking soundscape, wild camerawork and some epic fight scenes.

Rajab Mangula, aka DJ Black, is a film narrator, performer, actor and professional cinephile living and working in and from Buguruni, Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. He is one of the stars of the award of the winning Apostles of Cinema, and, along with Ajabu Ajabu, is currently working on a long term passion project to translate films into Bena, the language from his home region. He also moonlights as a writer and editor to his over 30,000 followers on the Kiswahili film and history blog JE WAJUA.

Ajabu Ajabu is a multimedia curatorial collective based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Through a variety of participatory, open-ended approaches, they explore decentralized and communal forms of presentation, production and preservation of audiovisual art forms. They work towards engaging, documenting and reinforcing subcultures responding to monolithic and exclusionary global media frameworks.

In bad weather the screening takes place indoors

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