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  7. Software Garden + 9/8fight41 a 9/8 fight for all of us

Software Garden + 9/8fight41 a 9/8 fight for all of us

Followed by a talk with Florian Wüst and Gizem Aksu

Software Garden
Rory Pilgrim, UK 2018, 52 min. OV with english subtitles

9/8fight41 a 9/8 fight for all of us
Gizem Aksu, Germany/Turkey 2022, 29 min. OV with english subtitles

This programme brings together two artistic performance projects on video that embrace the power of embodiment and empathy, dance and music in a world divided by discrimination. Rory Pilgrim’s Software Garden unfolds over eleven tracks of a collectively produced music album, asking how to create connections from both behind and beyond our digital screens. In 9/8fight41 a 9/8 fight for all of us, choreographer Gizem Aksu undertakes a journey between Dresden, Berlin and Istanbul, based on an intergenerational friendship with Sinto boxing legend Johann “Rukeli” Trollmann who was murdered by Nazi Germany in 1944. (FW)

Gizem Aksu is independent choreographer, dancer and ex-academic from Istanbul, based in Berlin. After her studies in political science and contemporary dance, she received her PhD in contemporary dance in Istanbul. As a dancer and choreographer, she has worked in Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. WEBSITE 

Florian Wüst curates film programs and exhibitions for international art institutions, cinemas and festivals. He is co-founder of the Berlin Journals – On the History and Present State of the City that address the social, cultural, and economic changes in Berlin and other cities.