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June 2024


Curated by Galo E. Rivera

Socio-ficción gathers three recent Brazilian films that successfully use fiction to convey stark social commentaries. Sacrificing strict factual accuracy in favor of repurposing the bourgeois aesthetics of popular film genres, each confronts the public with the taboo, the unconventional, and the downright strange. While Bacurau borrows tropes from the classic American Western, Divino Amor (Divine Love) is a dystopian neon science-fiction and As Boas Maneiras (Good Manners) an explicit monster horror. Each film in this open-air series brings questions of land struggle, secularism, and class conflict to life with high entertainment value.

Galo E. Rivera (they/he) is an immunologist (Dr. rer. nat), audiovisual artist, and web developer born in Ecuador.

Divino Amor

Divino Amor

Divine Love
Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil 2019, 101 Min., OV with English subs, digital
(OPEN AIR) As Boas Maneiras

(OPEN AIR) As Boas Maneiras

Good Manners
Juliana Rojas, Marcos Dutra, Brazil, France 2017, 135 Min., OV with English subs
(OPEN AIR) Bacurau

(OPEN AIR) Bacurau

Kleber Mendonça Filho, Juliano Dornelles, Brasil, France 2019, 131 Min., OV with English subs, digital