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Afrolution Festival 2024 von Eoto

Jazzsuite FESTAC '77 / You Hide Me
Curated by Eoto e.V.

The Afrolution Festival 2024 by Each One Teach One (EOTO) presents an evening with food, music and film in the courtyard of SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA. The event pays homage to the history of the pan-African movement of the 1970s through the jazz suite FESTAC '77 by New York composer Craig Harris and his 14-player orchestra, as well as the subsequent artist talk between Harris and "Chimurenga" editor Ntone Edjabe. FESTAC (The 2nd World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture), the largest cultural event that ever took place on the African continent and that inspired Harris' composition, will here be celebrated anew.
Afterwards, the groundbreaking documentary film You Hide Me about the theft of African cultural heritage in colonial contexts by Ghanaian director Nii Kwate Owoo will be shown. (EO)

Each One Teach One (EOTO) e.V. is a community-based education and empowerment project in Berlin. Founded in 2012, the association opened its doors as a neighbourhood library in March 2014 and has been a place of learning and encounter ever since. EOTO e.V. works together with other organisations to promote the interests of black, African and Afro-diasporic people in Germany and Europe