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L'image latente

OV with English subs

A film evening presented by Sophie Watzlawick. Followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.

After being exposed, analog film images initially remain invisible. In the phase between recording and chemical treatment, the images are called latent: an image in the making, in a place of transition between diffuse memory and illusory projection. The program L'image latente consists of eight films in which the filmmakers, open to surprises, enter into dialogue with the images. In this open-endedness, undreamed-of new worlds emerge that move metaphorically around the latent image – from the bottom of the sea to outer space – and explore the invisible in the visible.

Fultu Faltu Filim
Bernd Lützeler, 2018, 2 min., 35mm

Sillage #2
Aurélie Percevault & Antoine Ledroit, 2014, 5 min., 16mm

L’étoile de mer
Maya Schweizer, 2019, 11 min., HD

Guillaume Cailleau, 2009, 6 min., 16mm

Manque la Banca. 2012, 10 min., 16mm/HD

Ich bin 33
Jan Peters, 2000, 3 min., Super8

Dark Matter
Lucile Desamory, 2010, 7 min., Super8/HD

I don't think I can see an Island
Emmanuel Lefrant/Christopher Becks, 2016 , 4 min., 35mm/HD

Sophie Watzlawick is an artist living in Berlin. Her handmade films are situated between concrete everydayness and cosmic worlds. They are based on visual-acoustic experiments and philosophical narratives. In her works she invites us to see events that are commonly perceived as static in a new way and to wander the borderlands between the hidden and the visible.