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Transferred Memories – Embodied Documents + A Good Wife

OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with

After the screening talk with Borjana Gaković and Madeleine Bernstorff

Transferred Memories –Embodied Documents
Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulović*, Austria 2014, 15 Min. OV with english subtitles

In this sound and video installation, Ana Hoffner ex-Prvulović*, together with actress Vivien Löschner, reflects on the confrontation with video images from the Omarska camp, where atrocities were systematically committed against prisoners during the Bosnian War. The second aspect of the installation refers to the testimony of a survivor, which is restatedin the first person. A queer attempt to respond to images of atrocities without repeating them.

Dobra žena 
A Good Wife
Mirjana Karanović, Serbia 2016, 94 Min. OV with english subtitles

The directorial debut of the grand dame of Yugoslavian cinema, actress Mirjana Karanović, is a political statement. The protagonist Milena, a wealthy woman in her 50s, is a mother and wife – she cleans, cooks and keeps the family unit together despite her rebellious daughters who are slowly becoming adults. She doesn't understand, or perhaps simply doesn't want to understand, the older daughters' accusations against her father – until one day, while cleaning, she discovers a VHS tape that exposes her loving husband as a war criminal. Milena must make a decision since acting as a good woman means no longer being a good wife. A symbol-laden film inspired by historical events, fiction is used as an intervention in mainstream cinema to stand against the silence of accomplices. In the director's words, "This is not a film about crimes, but about how we relate to them."