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OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Saadat Munir

Co-curated by Esra Özban and Saadat Munir
Following the screening there will be a discussion with the two curators on the film selection, Aks International Minorities Festival and Pembe Hayat KuirFest in relation to the general theme of migration & mobility and its queer interpretations.

Half a Life
Tamara Shogaolu, NL/US/EG, 2017
Mondial 2010
Roy Dib, LB, 2017
Crystal Lake
Jennifer Reeder, US, 2016
Brother, Omar Mateen
Saad Khan, US, 2016
The Streets Are Ours
Michelle Fiordaliso, US, 2017

Half a Life is an intimate journey into the life of a young gay activist in Egypt. Borrowing the aesthetics of a travel video log, Mondial 2010 is a discussion of institutional borders in modern day Middle East. An anthem for young feminists, Crystal Lake presents female friendship as a means to survive adolescence. Brother, Omar Mateen tells the story of a Muslim queer Pakistani who immigrated to the US and empathizes with Omar Mateen. The Streets are Ours is a farewell, a tribute for Sabeen Mahmud and its legacy containing the penultimate interview with her.

Aks International Minorities Festival, launched in April 2014, is a global human rights initiative designed to facilitate an already existing socio-political and cultural dialogue. The organization aims to promote the visibility of minorities and marginalized groups and communities. The Aks Festival screens films which are accompanied by discussions and debates, while organising educational workshops and performing arts events that promote awareness and dialogue about issues impacting minorities groups.

Saadat Munir has been awarded several honours as a filmmaker, and has recently been an official Talent at Berlinale 2015. Apart from film production, he is an experienced film curator/programmer, critic and has also served as jury member at various national and international film festivals. Presently, Munir is a creative director of Aks Film, Art and Dialogue, a bi-national film festival for minorities and marginalized communities that illuminate socio-political aspects of transgender, queer, people of color (POC) living in Pakistan and Denmark.