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  7. Counter Movements: سينماي آزاد (Cinema-ye Azad) short film program

Counter Movements: سينماي آزاد (Cinema-ye Azad) short film program

The screening will be followed by a talk with Hadi Alipanah moderated by Afsun Moshiry

In the decade before the Islamic Revolution, Filmfarsi, the Iranian entertainment cinema, experienced a peak then a rapid demise, which resulted in arson attacks on cinemas such as Cinema Rex. The collective Cinema-ye Azad perceived itself as a group distinct from Filmfarsi and aimed to initiate a liberation from the pre-existing state doctrine towards cinema of that era. The film program Counter Movements examines the films produced within the collective, highlighting the dialogue between Filmfarsi and Cinema-ye Azad. (AM)

Only a general event text and not individual film listings are published to respect the wishes of the collective’s remaining filmmakers.



CREDIT: CINEMA-YE AZAD, Honar Festival Shiraz