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  7. Who Is Sarah Maldoror?: Lecture by Annouchka de Andrade

Who Is Sarah Maldoror?: Lecture by Annouchka de Andrade

In English

Sarah Maldoror (1929-2020) is one of the most important pioneers of African and Afro-diasporic cinema and yet has remained relatively unknown to audiences in Germany. Her very first films, Monangambééé (1969) and Sambizanga (1972), were shown internationally and her cinematic oeuvre comprises 40 short and feature-length films for cinema and TV. Maldoror set new aesthetic standards early on by directly linking the visual movements of cinema with the actions of political liberation movements and the role of women. Her filmography defies clear boundaries and geographies; it is transnational, militant, thematically and formally diverse and yet at the same time highly coherent. In this lecture, Maldoror's daughter Annouchka de Andrade will delve deeper into Maldoror's life and work. How did a striving for freedom and the development of a political awareness lead her to her work as a filmmaker? (FH)