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Short film program:

Songs of Relations and Resistance

Léon G. Damas
Sarah Maldoror, France, Mexico 1994, 25 min. French with English subtitles, digital

Sarah Maldoror, Algeria 1969, 17 min. French with English subtitles, DCP

Chetna Vora, GDR 1980, 47 min. German with English subtitles, DCP

The Sey Sisters (Excerpt from Chorus in Rememory of Flight)
Julianknxx, England 2023,1 min. English, digital

Decolonial struggles are an interplay of theory and practice, the present and the past. The poetic documentary Léon G. Damas follows in the footsteps of the Négritude co-founder, his life and the painful colonial history of his native French Guiana. Maldoror's debut film Monangambééé reveals the violence of the Portuguese colonial system against the Angolan population with unusual sensitivity. In OYOYO, Chetna Vora interviews students from "brother countries" about living and studying in the GDR. The collective experience of exclusion gives rise to a tender communality in which worries and longings are shared. The Sey Sisters – an excerpt from the installation Chorus In Rememory Of Flight by Julianknxx – commemorates the ancestors and their warming presence for the continuation of the struggle today. (FH)

OYOYO, Chetna Vora
LEON G DAMAS, Sarah Maldoror
MONANGAMBEEE, Sarah Maldoror