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Short Film Program:

Movements Towards Liberation

Followed by a talk with Rehana Esmail

You Hide Me
Nii Kwate Owoo, Ghana, UK 1970, 17 min. English, mp4

Sifiso Khayile, South Africa 2017, 58 Min. English with English subtitles, mp4

L'escale (The Stopover)
Paul Shemisi, Nizar Saleh, Rob Jacobs, and Anne Reijniers, Congo, Belgium 2022, 14 min. French with English subtitles, mp4

The program consists of three short films from Cinelogue's film library section Movements Towards Liberation, curated by Jacqueline Nsiah. The films deal with different forms of human movement, the memory of colonization and neo-colonial conditions.

You Hide Me reveals rare Asante art treasures stolen by the British that have never been shown before. Uprize! provides a glimpse into 1970s South Africa and the cost of the fight for quality education and freedom. L'Escale is a testimony by filmmakers Paul Shemisi and Nizar Saleh that gives an insight into the impossibility for Congolese artists to travel easily and safely.

L'ESCALE, Paul Shemisi, Nizar Saleh, Rob Jacobs, and Anne Reijniers
YOU HIDE ME, Nii Kwate Owoo
LE CRI DE LA MER, Aicha Thiam