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Short film program:


Scala Milan A.C.
Sarah Maldoror, France, Italy 2003, 17 min. French with English subtitles, digital


Sarah Maldoror, France 1979, 5 min. French with English subtitles, digital

Les oiseaux mains (The Birdhands)

Sarah Maldoror, France 2005, 1 min. French with English subtitles, digital

Un dessert pour Constance (Dessert For Constance)
Sarah Maldoror, France 1980, 60 min. French with English subtitles, DCP

Introduction by Annouchka de Andrade

Imaginations of breaking out run through the films in the program. A journey from the outskirts of Paris to the famous opera house in Milan: jazz saxophonist Archie Shepp composes a rap song with young people for a competition in Scala Milan A.C. The short portrait of Miró is dedicated to the works of the surrealist painter at the Maeght Foundation. Les oiseaux mains is the only animated film by Maldoror, made for the NGO Secours Populaire Français, which campaigns against poverty and discrimination. In the comedy Un dessert pour Constance, two Parisian garbage collectors become experts in French cuisine. By winning a TV cooking show, they hope to bring a friend home. From the perspective of the black workers, Maldoror exposes the racism of French society. (EK)

MIRÓ, sarah maldoror