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(OPEN AIR) Short Film Program:

Elles Luttent

Elles (The Women)
Ahmed Lallem, assistant director Sarah Maldoror, Algeria 1966, 22 min. Arabic, French with English subtitles, digital
Portrait de Assia Djebar (Portrait of Assia Djebar)
Sarah Maldoror, France 1987, 7 min. French with English subtitles, digital
Préface à des fusils pour Banta (Foreword to Guns for Banta)
Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, French Guyana 2011, 28 min. French with English subtitles, digital
Kathleen Cleaver (Extract from Kathleen and Eldridge Cleaver in Algier)
Claudia von Alemann, FRG 1970, 13 min. English, digital

Conceptual Preface by Anita Nguyễn, Timmi Kwaku Davis, Ignacio Juricic, Lu Herbst, Xiaoxiao Li, Annabel Bursy, FrauHerr, Nahed Awwad, Maryam Fischer-Fazeli, Jianzheng Ma, Nish, Cedric Gerke, Hank Wuestenberg, Yero Adugna Eticha and project-lead Karina Griffith.

Algiers was a hub of anti-colonial movements in the 1970s, and Sarah Maldoror and her family lived in the Algerian capital for a time. The ELLES LUTTENT program will revolve around these contexts, as well as female resistance. With Elles, Sarah Maldoror is the assistant director on this documentary by Ahmed Lallem about girls at the university in Algiers shortly after independence. In Portrait de Assia Djebar, Maldoror interviews the writer and filmmaker of the same name about her book "The Shadow Queen" and the role of women in the Arab world. Préface à des fusils pour Banta brings together conversations and material on Sarah Maldoror's first feature film, which was once confiscated by the Algerian FLN and remains lost to this day. Black Panther activist Kathleen Cleaver addresses an international and West German audience from exile in Algeria in 1970. (GB)

ELLES, Ahmed Lallem
PRéFACE à DES FUSILS POUR BANTA, Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc
KATHLEEN CLEAVER, Claudia von Alemann