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Südostasiatinnen in der BRD
Susanne Wycisk & Foundation for Women, Thailand, West German 1992, 50 Min., OV

The screening is followed by a talk with Susanne Wycisk

Talk will be held in German

In 2020, whilst searching through the storage of Banying Berlin, curator Sarnt Utamachote found a VHS tape. It turned out to be Westwärts: Südostasiatinnen in der BRD, one of the earliest documentary films about the lives of Southeast Asian women (Thai and Filipina) in West German cities such as Bochum, Hamburg, Frankfurt and West Berlin. Initiated by Southeast Asia Information Center (Südostasien Infostelle, Bochum) in cooperation with Foundation for Women Thailand, the team behind the documentary consisted of researchers and activists on women’s issues. Now digitized and the raw footage held at the Archive of Alternative Writings (AFAS, Duisburg), the documentary stands as an important reflection on the social interactions, daily routines and discriminations faced by these women. Following this screening as part of IN NOBODY'S SERVICE, the footage is being used by Utamachote for a new film work. (SU)

Susanne Wycisk is a teacher, researcher and political activist who was involved with the Southeast Asia Information Center (Südostasien Infostelle, Bochum) as well as groups such as AGISRA, MONA and MIRA concerning issues of women’s rights in this region.