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Panel discussion

Where to go from here - Afghan Arts and Media in Exile

With Abbas Rezaie, Sharbanoo Sadat, Mina Jawad, and Sultan Sarwar
Moderation: Sharmila Hashimi

Many prominent names from the arts and media scene have left Afghanistan following the Taliban take over of power. Freedom of the press and of art no longer exist; journalists and artists still living in the country have been forced to go underground if they want to continue their practice without bowing to the new regime. Life in exile does not immediately offer the security and freedom that many had hoped for. Integration into a new culture, building an economic and legal existence and continuing one's career are all aspects of living that require great effort, perseverance, and acceptance. 

Do artists and media professionals in exile share the same challenges? Are there specific topics that enable one to process the realities of exile, and thus a constructive evolution of this context? Are there differences in the way that artists and media professionals tackle these topics? What are the relevant questions that need to be addressed to the host society, but also to their own communities in the art and media scenes, in order not to surrender to the fate of exile? What other ways are there to communicate, to deliver one's message, both in Afghanistan and in Exile? And how can critical journalism be built up in the diaspora that is relevant for both exile communities and communities on the ground?

This panel discussion will thus focus on the importance of looking forward, of acknowledging the power of resilience and strategies of self empowerment. 

Discussion in English. Reserve your seat through the free ticket link.