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Berlinale Goes Kiez: Shorts Programme

For more information and tickets go to the Berlinale website.

Tako Tsubo
Fanny Sorgo, Eva Pedroza, Austria, Germany 2024, 6 min. German with English subtitles

Mr. Ham decides to have his heart removed to free himself from his complicated emotions. The doctor assures him that, in this day and age, this procedure no longer poses a problem.

Jing guo
Shuli Huang, USA 2024, 13 min. Mandarin with English subtitles

He pays him a visit during his work trip to Europe. They have not seen each other since 2015, back in Beijing. This might be the last time they meet.

Joung Yumi, South Korea 2024, 7 min. Without dialog

A girl draws a circle on the ground. Passers-by step into it, one by one. Soon the circle is full of people.

City of Poets
Sara Rajaei, Netherlands 2024, 21 min. English, Farsi with English subtitles

In a small, semi-utopian city, all the streets are named after poets. When war begins, new neighbourhoods emerge to accommodate the refugees. Now, the streets are named after soldiers.

Ungewollte Verwandtschaft
Pavel Mozhar, Germany 2024, 30 min. Ukrainian, German, Russian with English subtitles

Using the streets of his Berlin neighbourhood as a backdrop, a filmmaker from Belarus investigates the systematic nature of Russian and Belarusian war crimes in Ukraine and explores his own responsibility for this war.


TAKO TSUBO, Fanny Sorgo, Eva Pedroza, © Eva Pedroza, Fanny Sorgo / Courtesy: sixpackfilm
JING GUO, Shuli Huang, ©Shuli Huang
CIRCLE, Juong Yumi, ©Joung Yumi
CITY OF POETS, Sara Rajael, ©near/by film
Ungewollte Verwandtschaft, Pavel Mozhar, ©Jonas Römmig