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Shu Lea Cheang, Germany, USA 2023, 80 Min., OV with English subs

THIS IS NOT SEX. THIS IS LOVE: Shu Lea Cheang earned a reputation as being a badass cyberpunk filmmaker with her 2000 cult smash I.K.U. in which sensual cyborgs fuck for information and pleasure. 23 years later, UKI takes us on a journey with replicant REIKO, defunct and dumped on vast tech dump Etrashville, as they try to pull themselves back together with the help of Etrashville's transgenic inhabitants. Parallel to REIKO’s trajectory is that of an infected city where we are made aware of reckless scheming as part of a biotech enterprise known as GENOM Co. Through her own brand of alt-reality cinema, Cheang has created a genre of her own: Scifi New Queer Cinema. (SLC/JB)