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Some Like it Sweet and Hot

Films by habakari-cinema+records

Followed by a talk with Imaizumi Koichi and Iwasa Hiroki

すべすべの秘法 (The Secret to My Silky Skin)
Imaizumi Koichi, Japan 2014, 81 min., Japanese with English subtitles

犬漏 (Solid)
Iwasa Hiroki, Japan 2020, 14 min., Japanese with English subtitles

habakari-cinema+records was founded in 1999 by two gay filmmaker-artists in Japan. Their works often tell explicit stories of gay love and sex. The Secret to My Silky Skin, an adaption of manga, features Ryota, a boy who lives with his parents in Kyoto and when visiting Tokyo for a business trip stays with his fuck buddy, Issei. The film traces the “extremely mundane” daily life of gay men in Japan including sex which unfolds on screen. Solid tells the story of two men; during their first meeting, their sex is constantly interrupted by an earthquake. Romance fills the air in both films as does an electric sexual tension. (PF)

Iwasa Hiroki has been making music since 1995. He also directs films and writes reviews on music and film.

Imaizumi Koichi has acted in over 100 films since 1990, primarily "pink" (Japanese romantic porn) films. In 1999, he co-founded 'habakari-cinema+records' with Iwasa Hiroki and started independent filmmaking.