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Queer China, “Comrade” China
Cui Zi’en, China 2008, 120 Min., OV with English subs

Directed by Cui Zi’en, China's pioneering queer filmmaker, this documentary features interviews with over 30 people including activists, scholars, artists, and filmmakers who have contributed to and experienced changes related to Tongzhi / 同志 (homosexuality/LGBT) over the past 30 years, up until 2008. Archival footage, including the first-ever appearance of gays and lesbians on state television and documention of challenging moments, such as the shutdown of the second edition of the Beijing Queer Film Festival, result in a film that preserves a significant part of queer history; by investigating the present and exploring the future, Cui Zi'en created a historical milestone that is still relevant today. (PF)