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Next Sohee
July Jung, South Korea 2022, 134 Min., OV with English subs

**Performance before the movie starts at 18:00

At 18:00 Shin Hyo-jin's performance artist and janggu player creating a new rhythms and connections with traditional Korean percussion instruments. Followed by a conversation with the artist

High school student Sohee starts training for a job at a call center but the greed of her company eventually leads to her death. A detective begins to trace the causes behind the tragedy and uncovers a harsh reality. What lies hidden is even more devastating than previously imagined.
For this film, July Jung took inspiration from an actual trainee suicide case that happened in 2016 in Korea. After the film was screened, a law protecting the human rights of trainees was enacted and named the Sohee Law after this powerful film. (aka)

Followed by a talk with the members of the a.k.a. Film Festival team

a.k.a Filmfestival presents monthly screenings that explore various aspects of Korean cinema, focussing on the most controversial and cutting-edge portrayals of topics such as politics, labor, and the environment.