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Followed by a talk with Aya Bendary, Hana Khalil, Najwa Ahmed, NOE . and Zilan Kossler

Mother Nature, Maisha Maene, Congo 2020, 8 min.
Silence, Maissa Lihedheb, Germany 2021,  8 min.
Family Portrait, Thais Nepomuceno, Brazil 2022, 18 min.
Monomorium Pharaonis, Nils Woitschach & Amir Naghavi, Germany 2022,  3 min.
Planet Blue, Noe, Germany 2021,  7 min.
Evin's Story, Savac Boyraz, USA 2022,  3 min.
My body and me, Hossam Jlilaty, Syria 2021, 3 min.
As I search for you in my memories, what will I find? Talal Alaa, Egypt 2022, 14 min.
Phantasm, Zeinab Mohsen, Egypt 2022, 2 min.
Fragments of a Forsaken Nation, Aya Bendary, Egypt 2022/2023,4 min.
I'd do Anything for Love, Hana Khalil, Germany 2021, 3 min.

Mural is a series of film screenings that aims to celebrate the work of FLINTA/BIWOC/BIPOC filmmakers - more specifically artists with a migration or refugee background - platforming films made with skill and imagination despite the difficulties these artists face accessing resources, spaces and funding. The initiator of the project Najwa Ahmed states: "Weshowcases a wide variety of genres and visual experiments in order to build an alternative space through which to present our voices to the world. With fragments assembled from collective memory, we enrich our visual imagination and in doing so create our own mural."

From eco-consciousness to spirituality, artificial and other-than-human intelligence to love and loneliness, the first Mural screening programme brings together short films made by FLINTA/BIWOC/BIPOC filmmakers, eleven diverse visions that together make up a picture of the Global South.

Curated by Najwa Ahmed

Najwa Ahmed is a Palestinian writer, curator and filmmaker, based in Berlin. Her artistic practice explores themes of identity, gender, displacement and disbelonging using diverse artistic mediums such as Land Art, writing, filmmaking and visual art. Her curatorial work is motivated by her belief in the collective memory of the oppressed and the need to platform our own narratives. 

Hana Khalil is a filmmaker originally from Cairo, Egypt and currently based in Berlin. A visual storyteller, Hana experiments with documentary work as well as fiction. Hana enjoys the style of blending the thrill and naturalistic look of documentary filmmaking within fictionally imagined worlds. 

NOE is a multidisciplinary artist who delves into the depths of the arts to create a connection with the universe and thus awaken the conscience of humanity with planet earth. Noe is the founder of Teatro_b which was born in 2012 (atacama desert, chile) as an artistic cooperative aiming to merge and practice the arts as a habitat of nature in humanity.

Zilan Kossler is a Kurdish cultural activist and performer, practicing psychotherapy for children and young people. She also works as a writer and exhibition curator. Her work highlights feminist movements around the world and especially in Kurdistan. She is one of the founding members of HEVRÎN XELEF HERBAL GARDEN Initiative.

Aya Bendary is a researcher and an experimental artist from Cairo, Egypt. Aya bases her work on graphic design. She is particularly interested in humanism and the evolution of humanity’s rituals throughout time. To generate a sense of liminality, Aya seeks to interweave personal experiences with public ones using writing, illustrations, and photographs.