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La Llorona

Jayro Bustamante, Guatemala, France 2019, 93 Min., OV with English subs

The screening is followed by a talk with Karen Michelsen Castañón, Voces de Guatemala, Kaypa’ Tz’iken, and Dr. Aura Cumes. Conversation will be held in Spanish.

Following the event, there will be a fundraiser with food and drinks organized by Voces de Guatemala Berlín and LAFI. Collected funds will go towards the publication of the records of the II Congreso Internacional Pueblos Originarios frente al Racismo (2nd International Congress of Indigenous Peoples facing Racism).

In La Llorona, former Guatemalan dictator, General Monteverde, is on trial for the Maya Genocide he oversaw during his rule. Nevertheless, the real consequences of his crimes do not arrive to him in the courts of the judiciary but through those who still weep for the deaths of their children some 30 years later. The acclaimed Guatemalan director Jayro Bustamante combines Latin American oral tradition and magical realism with suspenseful cinematic resources to reconnect us with Guatemala’s political horror. Bustamante successfully delivers a film which offers the hope that, in the realm of the supernatural, justice will be served. (GR)

Karen Michelsen Castañón (born in Lima, Peru) is a visual artist, filmmaker and art educator. Her work deals with the ways (colonial) histories are told, and encompasses short films, photographs, installations and textiles. 

Dr. Aura Cumes, Maya Kaqchiquel, is from Guatemala. She is a researcher, activist and member of the Community for Maya Studies “Ixbalamkyej Junajpu Wunaq”.

Kaypa’ Tz’iken is a Maya Tujaal economist, editor, poet, and musician. He is a founding member of Tujaal Rock, Tujaal Ediciones, Tujaal.Org, and the Community for Maya Studies “Ixbalamkyej Junajpu Wunaq”.)

Lateinamerikanische Frauen Initiative (LAFI ) aims to make Latin American and Caribbean migrant women visible as citizens and subjects of social and political action, highlighting the knowledge, values, skills and resilience of migrant women by creating spaces for encounters and exchange.

Voces de Guatemala en Berlín is a migrant political collective connected to Iximulew (Guatemala) that maintains a living memory and active connection with civil society collectives and resistant communities in Guatemala, and participates in local struggles.


LA LLORONA, Jayro Bustamante