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(OPEN AIR) Sayyareye dozdide shodeye man

My Stolen Planet
Farahnaz Sharifi, Germany, Iran 2024, 82 Min., OV with English subs

Introductory conversation with Farahnaz Sharifi, moderated by Eirini Fountedaki and Rachel Pronger

Farah was born in 1979 during the Islamic Revolution in Iran. With her camera, she captures joyful moments in her daily life, which stand in stark contrast to the social and political repression which surrounds her. She also collects 8mm films from strangers who still dance, sing, and enjoy vibrant social lives in their private spaces. Through her obsession with recording and collecting, she creates her own "planet" that no one can  take away from her.  A connection to Leyla, a university professor who left Iran during the revolution, also finds its place in this archive. At the same time, Farah's mother, who suffers from Alzheimer, motivates her in her fight against forgetting. In autumn 2022, when women in Iran take to the streets to stand up against patriarchal tyranny, the filmmaker also reaches a turning point in her life.The personal becomes political, dancing becomes a form of resistance, and from anger grows courage. (Can Sungu)

In bad weather the screening takes place indoors.