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Diaspora of Poetics: 詩 (Elegies)

Ann HUI, Hong Kong 2023, 101 Min., OV with English subs

Berlin Premiere

In this documentary, the esteemed Hong Kong filmmaker Ann Hui delves into the city’s poetic soul, sharing personal encounters with some of its most notable poets. Through intimate interviews, Hui unveils the daily rhythms of the literati, revealing how their lives are interwoven with the dynamic movements within and beyond the city. The documentary paints a vibrant portrait of Hong Kong's multifaceted identity, a city in perpetual motion. From bustling streets to quiet corners, Elegies captures the essence of a place where poetry thrives amidst the constant flux of life. As the final film in the series Chinese Feeling Elsewhere, it is a celebration of the poetics of a life in motion – always seeking, always longing. (WZF)