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Eva Vitija-Scheidegger, Switzerland 2015, 77 Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Eva Vitija-Scheidegger

The father is a meticulous documenter. The object of his observations is his own family. The continuous filming proves a source of conflict. Always an object in front of the camera, the daughter decides to take a step behind the scenes after her father’s death. Reviewing the considerable archive of moving images, Eva Vitija develops an intimate relationship with her father’s ways of working and living, creating a wonderfully eclectic movie which accentuates the complexities of family relationships.

Eva Vitija was born in Basel in 1973. Since 2002 she has been working as a screenwriter and script consultant in TV and cinema in Germany and Switzerland. She has written several film, TV and series scripts. My life as a film is Eva Vitijas first full-length film as a director. She created it during her master studies in documentary filmmaking at Zurich University of the Arts. It won the 2016 Prix de Soleure, the Basler and the Zurich Film Awards and was nominated for the best Swiss documentary film, a First Steps Award from the German Film Academy and an award from the International Documentary Association in Los Angeles.