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Earth Mama

Savanah Leaf, USA 2023, 97 Min., OV

Gia, a pregnant single mother with two previous children in foster care, embraces her Bay Area community as she fights to reclaim her family. In order for Gia to regain full custody of her son and daughter, she must prove to the state, her counselor, child protection officers and a judge that she can be a mother according to their standards. Between her job, her weekly appointments to see her kids and her court-mandated classes, she barely has time to figure out how to protect her still unborn baby. Gia often feels alone, but Savanah Leaf's debut feature film threads her into a lineage of mothers who came before, mothers who walk the path with her and mothers to be. Leaf digs into a landscape in which Black mothers face an oppressive legal system and follows them with a loving curiosity whilst asking viewers to do the same. (ML)

EARTH MAMA, Savanah Leaf