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Absent Present

Angelika Levi, Germany 2010, 84 Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Angelika Levi

Benji was brought to the GDR from Namibia as a small child in 1979 and was sent back there after the reunification. Angelika Levi met him in 1991 during filming in Namibia. Two years later Benji is hitchhiking towards Europe. Absent Present sketches out stations in Benji’s life and looks for reasons and causes for his sudden disappearance. A search that becomes a starting point for a journey to different places characterised by continuous departure and arrival.

Angelika Levi is a filmmaker, dramaturgist, editor and lecturer. Since 1985, Levi's films have been shown at international film festivals, in exhibitions and in cinemas and have won several awards. On 5th September her film My Life part 2 (2003) will be screened at the Festival Archival Assembly in Berlin.