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Les Ambassadeurs

The Ambassadors
Naceur Ktari, France, Tunisia 1976, 102 Min., OV with English subs
Followed by a talk with Naceur Ktari

Talk in French with live translation

Scenes from everyday life and the tangled destinies of several inhabitants of the Parisian district of Goutte d'Or in the face of unemployment, contempt, indifference, racism, job insecurity and uprooting. A reaction to the racist murder of a teenager in the neighborhood, Ktari aimed to make a popular film to incite struggle and its broadcast on French television in 1977 provoked many reactions (partisan but above all racist). The film won the Tanit d'Or at the Carthage Film Days (JCC 1976) yet has been seldom shown ever since.

Naceur Ktari is a filmmaker from Tunisia. Trained in France and Italy, he worked as an assistant director to filmmakers Roberto Rosselini, Dino Risi, and later Steven Spielberg. After his first film Les Ambassadeurs shot in 1975 and 1976 in Paris, he took 25 years to make his second feature, Sois mon ami (2000). He worked for Tunisian television and as a producer with his company Imago in Tunis.